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"State Rules", a  political suspense drama that shows for the first time behind the scenes of the Knesset. In the 'rule of the shadows', the heroes are not the MKs, but their "shadows" - the advisers. Their loves, hates and friendships affect the lives of all of us. Will bring everyone to uncover an affair that threatens the future of the entire country.To succeed they must put aside their egos and interests and overcome the immense temptation of power. There has never been a series that has peeked into the Knesset like this, the complicated political game gets a new, different treatment here, while paying attention to the realism and the small details that make it look like the real thing. This is not about the big scandals, but about the Knesset as a workplace: offsets, pettiness, filibusters, every day that is war.

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