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The Tsipocalypse Show was now created in the first closure out of a sense of mission and helplessness.
We had a lot to say just was not where
We have decided to write a network plan that will allow us to continue to create and keep in touch with you.
Thankfully, your enthusiastic responses encouraged us to shoot more and more episodes, so we wrote another 8.
You're probably asking how they funded it?
So after realizing that the support from the state is virtual, we rolled up our sleeves and did everything that needed to be done. Everything includes everything.
Ben started running a borax stand, Efrat took a job in a furniture store, Tomer helped design houses, Lotus started working in a kindergarten and the Gal office brought sponsorships,
And yet despite all the efforts we find ourselves facing a very big challenge in continuing to fund on our own.
In order for us to produce and film more programs we also need your financial support.
This is a difficult time for everyone. We thank everyone who chooses to support the project in advance

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