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Dr. Rudy was an iconic psycho-guru and founder of "The Rudy Psychoanalytic Institute" - the largest in Israel during the 70's. His controversial therapy methods forced him to fight for his reputation and the institute's survival. His demise raises questions regarding abuse of power and moral boundaries.

Couples exchanges, nude contact and controversial treatment methods: The story of Dr. David Rudy, the first psycho-guru in Israel - an eccentric celeb, a lover of communication, alcohol and women who crossed boundaries between therapist and patient and had to fight for his good name. A 3-episode series. Dr. David Rudy was the founder of the "Rudy Institute for Psychoanalysis", the largest of its kind in Israel in the 1970s. His treatment of women and crossing the boundaries of treatment led him to fight for his title as a clinical psychologist and the continued existence of the institute. His story, which reveals a chapter in the emergence of Israel as a modern society, raises poignant and relevant questions about power, morality and borders.

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